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Welcome to! This is a correspondence gaming site, dedicated to bringing you and your friends a great gaming experience.

What games do you have? Glad you asked. Here is the list:
Chess Chess, Xiangqi, Omega Chess, McCooey Hex Chess, Reflektit
Backgammon Backgammon, Deadgammon, Nackgammon, Hypergammon
Checkers Checkers, Chinese Checkers
Territory Reversi, Triversi, Ataxx, Snag
Connection Twixt
N-In-A-Row Link 4, Tic-Tac-Toe, Gomoku
World Domination Gambit A clone of Hasbro's RISK.
W.W.II A clone of Hasbro's Axis & Allies.
Politics A clone of Hasbro's Diplomacy.
Empires A clone of Hasbro's History of the World.
VIKTORY II A combined arms war game for 2 to 8 players, fought on a hex tile map.
Financial Mergers A clone of Hasbro's Acquire.
Mark Steere Games Cage, Tanbo, Rush, Crossway, Oust, Palisade, Dipole, Byte, Impasse, Quadrature, Atoll, Copolymer, Begird, Scribe, Diffusion, Cephalopod, X, Rive
Jim Albea Games Plateau Play a game of Plateau with another person here, submit the log to Jim Albea games, and get a table-top Plateau set for $10 (that is a 50% discount). Offer details here.

How does it work? Simple. Pick a game, then tell us your email address and your opponent's email address. You will then make the first move and your opponent will receive an email with the game in it. When they move you will receive an email and play continues.

Is it real time? No, the idea here is to play when you have the time. Instead of arranging to meet at a site and dedicate a half hour to finishing a game, you make your moves when you get a free minute. Yes, the game takes a bit longer, but you have all the time in the world to think out your moves and you can play many games simultaneously.

Who can I play? Anybody with an email address and a browser that meets these easy requirements. You can choose your opponent instead of picking from a list in a room. Besides gaming, you can send messages through the game and keep in touch a little more often.

Do I or my opponents need to sign up first? No, a new 'profile' is automatically created when a new email address is used. The address is sent information about the profile, how to change passwords and such.

What is a profile? A 'profile' is the collection of information we have about a player. Initially it is blank except an email address and an assigned password. No other information is required to play. We encourage you to read our privacy statement.

Can I play from more than one email address? Yes, simply edit your profile by signing in to your My Profile page and then add addresses. Add as many as you wish. New games will be sent to every address in your profile. Each move will be sent to the last email you played that particular game from. Reminders will be sent to all your addresses. You can mark addresses you don't want to receive game emails as 'Inactive'. Games started with 'Inactive' addresses will automatically get routed to your active addresses.

Can I play my games from someone else's computer? Yes, simply sign in to your My Turns or My Games page. There you can check the status of each of your games and make moves if it is your turn.

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