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Download GamesByEmail's My Turns Notifier.

The My Turns Notifier is an icon that sits in your Windows system tray and lets you know when you have turns waiting. When you have no turns waiting, it is black:

When you do have turns waiting, it turns gold:

It is not adware/spyware of any sort. The only information it sends anywhere is the email address and GamesByEmail password you provide, and only to GamesByEmail's web servers. The only information it collects is what you enter in the settings box. It stores that information in the registry on your computer. Nothing is sent or stored elsewhere.

Kids, always get your parent's permission before you download or install ANYTHING from anywhere, including this site.

For Mac users, see Ken Masons' My Turns Notifier for the Mac.

For Firefox/Unix users, consider the GamesByEmail Toolbar for Firefox.

To install (for Windows only):
1.)Install Microsoft's .NET Framework if you do not already have it. Choose either version 2.0 or version 1.1. Vista comes with 2.0 installed.
2.)Run the My Turns Notifier Installer for version 2.0 or for version 1.1, depending on the latest .NET framework you have installed.
3.)Go through all the steps to install.
4.)From your task bar, run Start->Programs->GamesByEmail->My Turns Notifier.
5.)Note that a shortcut was also put in your Startup menu, so the My Turns Notifier will automatically start the next time you login..

1. Specify which the browser to play games with (in the Settings box) instead of 'Default'. That way the My Turns Notifier can immediatly recheck for turns when you close the play browser.
2. After you install it and try it out, you might consider going to your My Profile page and setting the status of each email address to "Limited". That way you will only get emails when reminders are sent and when games end.

You can uninstall the My Turns Notifier at anytime using Add/Remove Programs in your control panel.

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