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It has been a long week.

I ran out of disk space on the server. Games older than a year are gone permanently. Games less than a year old are tied up on the full drive. I tried all weekend to get the data out, but it is taking so long I decided to bring the site back up with no current games in it.

I am trying to pry the old games (those less than a year old) from the full drive, but have no idea when they will be available. Also, saved preferences for games are still tied up, I will be trying to bring them back as well. I will try not to overwrite new preferences you save.

Many have offered their technical expertise, and it has helped. I have given a number of methods a try, and found one that is making tangible progress, but at a pace frustratingly slow.

Others have offered financial help, and honestly, I have just been too busy to properly show the appreciation that deserves, especially when the service is down. You are great.

I apologize for any inconvenience. I knew this day would come eventually, I just did not know the cleanup would take so long. I am exhausted, frustrated, and disappointed, but I am going to find a stable orbit and relax for a bit.

Let's play!

Thanks as always,
Scott Nesin

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