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Uhg. Finally.

Other News

It is hard to believe how many arrow images are necessary to cover the orders in Politics (a clone of Hasbro's Diplomacy).


And I am sure I am still missing a few.

A move arrow is needed from each province to each adjacent province, plus support arrows from each adjacent province for each move arrow, plus convoyee arrows from each coastal province to each other coastal province, and convoy and support arrows for each of those, and all that times the number of colors plus an extra non-colored arrow for orphaned orders.

And I thought Gambit (a clone of Hasbro's RISK) had a lot at 10,332. Peanuts.

I wrote a great little arrow making tool, but it still represents three or four weeks worth of very late night work. I am ready to start getting to my day job on time again.

Onward and upward. The beta test has gone exceedingly well. For all the additions I have made to the system over the past few years in anticipation of this game, it is amazing that there has not been a catastrophic meltdown. Yet I have not seen even a glitch, nor had to roll back a single game.

I am good.

I have received great feedback from many players, which I can get to now that the arrows are done. Look for chat notification and a populated game log soon. Thank you all very much for being patient while the game is still taking shape.

A special thanks go to Jim Hays, who has been beating on the Judge incessantly from day one, sending in all kinds of scenarios that needed fixing and saving me and the players from the hassle of having to roll back games.

If you are interested kicking the tires before the game is released, there are two ways to help out:

The first is to play:
Join a game, or if you start a new game, make sure anyone you include is interested in beta-testing as well. It is probably best just to leave the slots open and let those who are interested join. If you find a problem or have a suggestion, please use the "report problem" link in the game to let me know.

The second is to test the adjudication engine:
Create scenarios and see if the orders get properly resolved. If you find a set that does not resolve properly, please use the comments form link in the judge to send me the permalink, what orders you think should succeed or fail, and maybe an explanation as to why.

Thanks as always for playing,
Scott Nesin

If you would like to donate, please do:

Most donations come via PayPal, please click the button above or use the address .

If you would like to donate but prefer not to use PayPal, write to the above email address or fill in the Comments form and let me know.

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