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Calling all beta-testers.

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I have been working on a clone of Hasbro's "Diplomacy" which I am calling "Politics". I think it is far enough along for beta-testing. If you are familiar with Hasbro's game, do not mind the roughness of beta-testing, and would like to lend a hand, that would be terrific. There are two ways to help.

The first is to play:
Join a game, or if you start a new game, make sure anyone you include is interested in beta-testing as well. It is probably best just to leave the slots open and let those who are interested join. If you find a problem or have a suggestion, please use the "report problem" link in the game to let me know.

The second is to test the adjudication engine:
Create scenarios and see if the orders get properly resolved. I wrote the adjudication engine from scratch, the resolution of complex orders is not an easy task, and I have never actually played the game. The odds are very good that something is wrong. If you find a set that does not resolve properly, please use the comments form link in the judge to send me the permalink, what orders you think should succeed or fail, and maybe an explanation as to why.

Known bugs at the moment are an empty game log. I will get to those when things settle a bit.

I appreciate all efforts to get this thing out the door. This has been a bit of a monkey on my back for a while now.

Thanks as always for playing,
Scott Nesin

If you would like to donate, please do:

Most donations come via PayPal, please click the button above or use the address .

If you would like to donate but prefer not to use PayPal, write to the above email address or fill in the Comments form and let me know.

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