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Politics Released

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Politics,'s clone of Hasbro's Diplomacy, is ready. This game has been a long time in coming.

Some quick links:

  • To see how the game looks and plays:
  • To join a game:
  • To start a new game:
  • To test the adjudication engine:

    Politics joins Gambit (a clone of Hasbro's RISK, released in 2000) and W.W.II (a clone of Hasbro's Axis & Allies, released in 2006) for great world domination gaming, all done in the best AJAX there is.

    The beta test went very well. This is the first GamesByEmail game to have concurrent turns, to handle the collisions that result from concurrent turns, and to use 'secure' data (meaning other players cannot sniff your secret orders), so I was a bit nervous. I really appreciate everyone who helped test and wrote in with suggestions.

    The adjudication engine seems to be rock solid, agreeing with every test I can find. I am rather proud of that as I wrote it from scratch and have never played Diplomacy.

    After finishing what I hope are the last of the order arrow images, there are 193,920 gif files. That is a lot.

    Thanks as always for playing,
    Scott Nesin

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