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Reflektit Released

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Reflektit, a clone of Khet, is ready.

Some quick links:

  • To see how the game looks and plays:
  • To join a game:
  • To start a new game:

    Reflektit was written by Sean Hunt. This is currently the only game hosted on GamesByEmail that was written by someone else. He went through GamesByEmail's Game Programmer's Tutorial, asked a few questions, and submitted a well-written and thorough game. It is fun, and very different.

    It is a chess-like game with a laser. Some pieces have an angled reflective side or two, and you try to move and rotate pieces such that when your laser is fired at the end of your turn, it destroys your opponent's non-reflective king piece. Just be careful not to whack your own!

    Again, Sean did a great job, and I appreciate his efforts.

    Anyone with interest in writing a game is certainly encouraged to do so. You can read a bit more about it on the Developers page.

    Thanks as always for playing,
    Scott Nesin

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