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VIKTORY II,'s clone of Morrison Game's VIKTORY II®, is ready.

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    VIKTORY II is a combined arms war game for 2 to 8 players, fought on a hex tile map. Armies fight more strongly when comprised of units of different types rather than piles of the same unit. Certain terrains and urban developments strengthen the defender, and units converging from multiple directions strengthen the attacker. A player's available military units are determined by the towns and cities they control, and the type of terrain those cities are in.

    VIKTORY II is a fast and exciting game, with clear and easy rules. It combines the pace of Gambit with the strategy of W.W.II and the intrigue of Politics.

    "VIKTORY II" is a registered trademark of Morrison Games, who were kind enough to license it to VIKTORY II® is an excellent board game for face-to-face play, and has a fascinating history of trial and tribulation as an independent game being brought to market. It would make an honorable addition to any board game library.

    Thanks as always for playing,
    Scott Nesin

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