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iPhone Compatible

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GamesByEmail is now iPhone compatible! It is about time, I know.

To get all my games working properly on iPhones, I just bought a used iPod Touch off craigslist. It has helped immensely with debugging the games. If you use an iPhone or iPod Touch, you should see drastic improvements in the games. By "drastic improvements" I mean they will actually work now. Each game can be controlled with only clicks. More work needs to be done to make them more friendly, but they are all completely playable.

Also in the works, Ken Mason (of Mac My Turns notifier fame) is tinkering with creating an iPhone/iTouch application for I am grateful for his help and am looking forward to this as well.'s players have been very kind about helping me out with with extra purchases, so I am once again hitting them up for financial help with the site. In particular, the iUsers. Though I usually ask before hand, last week I found a good deal on a used 2nd generation 8Gig iPod Touch that I did not want to pass up. Tangible improvements have been made already.

I hope this will help you keep up with your turns.

Thanks as always for playing,
Scott Nesin

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