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You and your opponent will need a browser that supports and has enabled JavaScript.

The games will work with most modern browsers on reputable operating systems, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, or Safari browsers on Windows, Mac or Unix/Linux machines.

If you have a OS/Browser combination not listed on this page that works or doesn't work, please let us know. Here is a list of reports from our spies in the field:

From Anonymous: It works on OS X Tiger using the Shiira browser.

From Andrew: Safari under os x tiger seems to work fine for playing games. I'm only playing risk so far, though. The only problem I noticed was the height of the "clear" and "post" buttons next to the text boxes, they were just small squares, whereas in Internet Explorer they are tall rectangles.

Follow-up From Andrew: The Camino browser for OS X displays better than Safari. I had installed Camino to try out as a second browser, and it seems perform better than Safari. The game-board area is the same in both, but lower on the screen the buttons for 'clear' and 'post' next to the text boxes are correctly displayed in Camino, not in Safari. The 'Set' game also shows up in Camino, and is not displayed correctly in Safari.

Anything else, it's anyone's guess. Thanks go to everyone who took the time to write.

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